Monday, 16 March 2015


I'm co-promoting this evening of audio-visual experimentation, oblique performance and strange sound, and will also be playing a mixture of my own and other people's music during the many intervals and intermissions for your entertainment and listening pleasure.

The event is FREE, but limited in capacity, because it's in a museum with lots of glass cabinets, vitrines and breakable things, so go to RADIOARTS.ORG.UK for more info.

Blevin Blectum, The Bohman Brothers, Sculpture, Iris Garrelfs, Poulomi Desai, Wesley Goatley plays John Cage, Genetic Moo, Ben Rowley, Anthony Elliot and Magz Hall will also do their respective things.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

This House Is Condemned

DJ Bunnyhausen (Xylitol) has recently uploaded two new mixes to mixcloud skirting around their vexed relationship with 'house music'. Paradoxically, neither mix contains a great deal of what might conventionally be called house music

This House Is Condemned parts one and two can be heard here:

along with some earlier mixes, all of which are constructed from real life records, not that that stuff really matters.

DJ Bunnyhausen will also be playing at SWITCHED ON, a free night of radiophonic sound and performance at The Beaney museum, Canterbury on May 9th 2015 alongside SCULPTURE, BLEVIN BLECTUM, THE BOHMAN BROTHERS, POLOUMI DESAI and many others.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Free Range

I'm contributing a low key performance tonight involving diy transmitters, radios and jam jars to this event, also incoporating mechanical instruments, improv-noise, sound poetry, cracked electronics and string quartet, each collapsing into the other.

info at

Free entry, 8.30 start at Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Last few Ghost Office 7"s

Redoubtable suppliers of warped doomcore and proletarian techno-theory PRAXIS have got the very last handful of copies of the 'highly covetable' Xylitol / Libbe Matz Gang split 7". No longer available either from me or from Libertatia Overseas Trading these are the last copies that are likely to circulate outside the discogs inflationary vortex.

News on forthcoming Xylitol activity to follow soon.